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Decommissioning Projects

Small-scale Projects

The Argonne D&D group has been managing numerous smaller-scale D&D projects including decommissioning a 5,000 sq ft kennel facility, multiple glovebox facilities, and plutonium contaminated equipment. Below you find a list with some of these small-scale projects.

Bldg. 315 Radio-Chemistry room remediation projectBuilding 315 Radiochemistry Lab |Go to top
Area was formerly used for various experiments involving radioactive materials.
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Mechanics transferring B-12 metal bin into Cell 6 pitBuilding 315 Beryllium Remediation |Go to top
Area was formerly used for various experiments involving radioactive materials.
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Building 202 Dog Kennel AreasBuilding 202 Kennel Areas |Go to top
The kennel areas were formerly used for housing dogs.
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Mechanics donning PPE prior to entering containment in the Carousal RoomBuilding 205 Carousel |Go to top
A concrete block storage area used to remotely handle and store high dose rate radioactive material samples.
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Room D-102 ContainmentBuilding 306 Hot Cells |Go to top
The Building 306 Hot Cells 1 & 2 and Room D-102 D&D Project was identified as an excess facility and scheduled to be decontaminated for reuse. These rooms were formerly used for neutralization and solidification of extremely high dose rate plutonium-bearing acidic wastes. Planning and documentation began in April 2003 and were completed in August, 2003. Characterization activities began in July and were completed in September 2003, and subsequently D&D activities also began in August 2003 and were completed in the last week of November 2003.
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Building 306 TRU Waste Neutralization RoomsBuilding 306 TRU Waste Neutralization Rooms |Go to top
Area was formerly used for neutralization or treatment of liquid TRU radioactive wastes from research program activities.
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Building 594 Waste Ion-Exchange FacilityBuilding 594 Waste Ion-Exchange Facility |Go to top
The Building 594 was a pre-engineered metal building with a concrete foundation and floor. The building was cleared of all equipment and components and demolished after decommissioning and prior to demolition.
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Building 200/205 Pneumatic Transfer Tube projectBuilding 200/205 Pneumatic Transfer Tube |Go to top
The Bldg. 200/205 pneumatic transfer tube was constructed in the late 1960s to transfer irradiated fuel specimens and other samples between a Hot Cell and a glove box in different buildings. The tube was in operation until the mid-1970s. Project scope encompassed only the removal of the tube between the two buildings and not the facilities within the buildings.
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