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About Decontamination & Decommissioning at Argonne

D&D Support to Outside Customers

Argonne National Laboratory’s D&D Projects Group has been providing technical support to various DOE organizations, including:

Additionally, the Argonne D&D Projects Group provides technical support to various non-DOE organizations, including:

NASA-Plum Brook Reactor Facility Decommissioning Project

A team of Argonne D&D subject matter experts have been assigned to the decommissioning of the NASA Plum Brook Reactor Facility (PBRF) for over the last 5 years, providing direct technical support to NASA in the areas of construction management, radiation safety, licensing and quality assurance oversight, and industrial safety.

In addition, two D&D training courses were developed and taught at the NASA project site, several years apart, as part of the training of newly assigned project personnel.

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Photo galleries: International Technical Support | NASA-Plum Brook RR Decommissioning Project

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