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Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities - Training Course

Previous Attendees said about our Training Course:

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Attendee Comment Year
"I followed this short, yet comprehensive, training course a couple of weeks ago. It provides all you need to know about D&D, with a good balance between theoretical aspects and actual projects experience feedback, as well as between large and small facilities.“Failing to plan is planning to fail!”" 2021
"This was a very comprehensive course, thanks." 2021
"Thanks, really learned a lot. Very interesting course!" 2021
"I enjoyed the D&D course last week. Overall, I found it to be very comprehensive and informative." 2021
"I enjoyed the class. I wish I had attended a class like you presented 20 years ago." 2020
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to take the course! I learned a great deal from you and the other presenters that will definitely help me navigate this new (to me) world!" 2020
"Thank you. Great course and really well delivered." 2020
"The class is great!" 2020
"Your class was a pleasure!" 2020
"I enjoyed all the lectures and learned a lot." 2020
"Super excited to hear about this dismantle today." 2020
"Thank you so much for hosting such a great course. I was happy to be able to attend this." 2020
"Good job.  Liked virtual format."  2020
"The course was excellent."    2020
"I really enjoyed the course and valued the material presented and the experience shared by the instructors involved." 2019
"Thank you very much [for holding the recent] D&D training. It was very useful for me because D & D training includes a lot of global information related to decontamination and decommissioning." 2019
"I am very glad I took advantage of the opportunity to come here this week.  The information was extremely valuable to me as I determine my future goals.  I am looking forward to sharing some of the information with my coworkers and supervisor.  Each topic was delivered clearly and in a manner that was easy to understand." 2019
"Thank you for your perfect hospitality provided by you and your supporting team. I enjoyed learning sessions, especially those with Menti app!" 2019
"I also wish to thank you for the great course – it was very well done and the trainers were very knowledgeable." 2019
"It was a very interesting course. I’m thinking of taking the Certification.  Appreciate your time and effort." 2019
"This course was well worth the money and the trip.  Especially interesting - cost estimation and new technologies." 2019
"Overall I liked the training and felt it was worthwhile." 2019
"I know a lot of work and preparation goes into that training and am grateful for having attended." 2019
"Great information resources and discussions." 2019
"Overall this was a great course and the opportunities to meet with people across the decommissioning field and (to) gain various perspectives on various decommissioning projects was very valuable. Thank You!" 2019
"I have recently attended this training. It is highly recommended. It enables attendees to obtain applied knowledge and experience related to decommissioning, and subsequently achieving adherence to regulations and formulation of economically sound decommissioning plans .Decommissioning is a critical stage in the life cycle of a reactor unit and this training is appropriate for the fulfillment of the currently increasing need for the required skills, as aging and prematurely reactor units are shutting down. (I used the term reactor unit as general term to include: commercial plant technologies, research reactor and submarines, etc.). The course is presented by leaders in the field and you walk out of it enriched and empowered with the latest knowledge and technology update." 2018
"Thank you, that was an incredible privilege. Highly recommended course to interested parties." 2018
"Thank you Larry Boing and all of the other ANL team's instructors for a great week." 2018
"If anyone needs to gain more experience in Decommissioning & Environmental Remediation of Nuclear Facilities, Argonne National Laboratory is your place together with International Atomic Energy Agency! Thanks to their dedicated professional teams, now I feel myself to be more confident in my work." 2018
"I can say only best words to the Argonne Team. You are amazing."  2018
"Personally, for me, it was one of the best courses which I had the opportunity to participate."  2018
"Training exceeded my expectation."    2018
"This course is awesome." 2018

"Your decommissioning course truly equipped me to continue my career in the industry."

"Left this training very much enlightened and energized."  2018
"Thank you for the great course and the opportunity to see the Nevada Test Site."  2018
"Really great course!  All the speakers were very knowledgeable and experienced in decommissioning.  Good overview of decommissioning and learning from the lessons learned and case studies." 2017
"Just finished ANL Nuclear Facilities Decommissioning Training Course.  It was very well organized and interesting!" 2017
"I was really satisfied with this course." 2017
"Thanks again for a great course." 2017
“Great course! Well worth it; I recommend it.”  2017
"Very good course-well presented.  Very good value for money spent." 2017
"I truly enjoyed the TC; the presentations and discussions were very helpful." 2017
"Especially, I would like to applaud an excellent organization and outstanding lecturers of the training course, which I certainly recommend to everyone involved in decommissioning and/or remediation of contaminated sites." 2017
"This Training Course was very useful and effective; we discussed the issues of planning, costing, the technology used in decommissioning, consideration of lessons learned from the practical implementation of decommissioning of (various) Nuclear Facility..." 2017
"Great seminars this week, I certainly learned a lot! Thanks again." 2017
"Can’t add value to this as it has a great format that kept my interest." 2017
"Thanks for the good information and the well delivered course." 2017
"Thanks Larry! And to all the presenters and guides – great class and great field trip. Thank you!" 2017
"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course on Nuclear Decommissioning. I learned a lot and look forward to pursuing the Decommissioning Certification." 2016
"Thanks for a great class." 2016
"The D&D training was very useful for my new career and to broaden my knowledge." 2016
"Thank you.  I really enjoyed the class.  Learned a lot." 2016
"Thanks for your efforts!  I enjoyed the class." 2016
"War stories are good – lots of lessons learned (shared)!" 2016
"No recommendations – great class!" 2016
"Enjoyed the course – thank you !" 2016
"….thanks for sharing your wisdom last week." 2016
“I wanted to thank you for putting on a great informative class in Oak Ridge.  I enjoyed your and the other presenters' contributions to the class.” 2016
“I enjoyed the training course, learned new facts and met new people...” 2016
“I would like to express my appreciation to you for organizing and supporting very well this high quality training.” 2016
“I raise(d) my knowledge about Decommissioning from this training. And thanks for your kindness during the training.” 2016
“I really enjoyed the course last week. (We) were very impressed by the quantity of documentation that you have provided.  I would recommend the course to anyone curious and/or serious on the subject.”        2016
“Thank you again, a great class and a welcome breath of good ideas for me to implement in our work processes.” 2016
“Extremely informative, good speakers and while technical you were successful in removing some of the 'mystique' from the process.  I would definitely recommend the class to colleagues." 2016
“Thanks again for your kindness and a friendly course.” 2016
“ I want to thank you for the very useful and interesting training workshop in LV. You can also thank all speakers." 2015
“Great training session last week in Petawawa.  There was a huge amount of information and experience to take away.” 2015
"I thought your training program was excellent." 2015
"Thank you once more for all your effort to prepare our excellent course." 2015
"Thank you so much for your note and first and foremost, thank you for such an amazing experience. The course was excellent! Every aspect of it: the level of professionalism, pristine organization, wonderful attitudes." 2015
"Thank you and the team of professionals that were assembled for the decommissioning training in Nevada last week. I really appreciated the case studies and diversified industry perspective." 2015
"Thanks for the hospitality and course - I enjoyed both." 2015
"Great training last week - thank you."  2015
"This was the best course I did in my entire professional life."  2014
"That tour yesterday was the best. I can't tell you how cool that was. [Web Editor's note: attendee is referring to Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) tour included in Las Vegas session of TC]"  2014
"Easy to recommend this course. I took the course a few years ago after 15+ years of performing facility decommissioning's, still opened my eyes to new technologies, methods and practices. The case studies alone are worth the cost."  2014
"Overall a very excellent overview of decommissioning with great presenters."  2014
"Overall this was an excellent class that is very well organized and delivered."     2014
"Great course." 2014
"I enjoyed the course and the content will be helpful to me at work." 2014
"Really enjoyed the class last week and learned alot.”  2014
"By the way, it was a great training course and I thoroughly enjoyed it."  2014
"....Thanks for excellent course and very valuable information and time at Argonne." 2014
"Thank you very much for all of your help and the information presented during the class. It was a good experience for me and I appreciate your teamís willingness to share their experience and knowledge with our class." 2014
"Your Decommissioning training course was very insightful and helped us become more aware of the products and suppliers out there which are servicing the nuclear decommissioning field!" 2014
"Highly recommended by our headquarters management… and this course was very successful for me." 2014
"Great course! Good overview!" 2013
"The course is right sized the way it is currently formatted." 2013
"This program significantly exceeded my expectations for both content and quality. The format, content and organization of the program provided a perfect match for my needs as a Senior Administrator and Decision Maker. I was very impressed with the selection of the presenters. The presentations were interesting, well paced and for the most part “high energy”. I found the presenters and presentations competent and engaging and kept my interest throughout. The materials were presented at a level that was easy to follow." 2013
"Being a regulator I would like to see more on the regulations, but I realize this is not the focus of this class. This class is for the people actually doing the work and I think it was a good summary for them." 2013
"Very well presented and received." 2013
"Many thanks to you, Larry, and other people from ANL who could put together all complex topics and instructors in a single comprehensive program. Great event! And I will keep pushing toward full decommissioning certificate." 2014
"…And I have to say that the Nevada National Security Site was one of the most interesting places I've visited, even after going to a few other (of the) DOE's nuclear sites." 2014
"I just wanted to say it was a pleasure taking the course that you and the rest of the instructors put on in Vegas." 2014
"Very good course, valuable in wide variety of applications." 2013
"There have been several employees (in the past who) have taken your course that were highly satisfied at material learned." 2013
"I think back to the course with gratitude for all knowledge that was packed together and presented to us in those short two weeks. Plus the chance to meet colleagues from all over the world." 2013
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it immensely useful." from an attendee of a TC session held in Canada 2013
"I really enjoyed the course and have recommended it to others here." 2013
"Again, it is a very good course given by very competent people." 2013
"Thank you very much for the nice tour of the NNSS. It’s really an interesting place and I appreciated the tour." 2013
"An excellent foundation for understanding the decommissioning process."  
"I think it would be hard to improve this course. I was very impressed with the professional team that presented and value the information offered."  
"Overall I was very happy with the course and my expectations were exceeded."  
"Overall - staff, facilities ..... excellent.  Good learning experience; well presented.  Excellent value for buck."  
"Very useful from top to bottom - Good comprehensive overall scope."  
"Excellent course overall - good breadth of content."  
"I found the course to be excellent."  
"Overall - excellent course!"  
"I believe the course is a great idea and more interaction of this type is needed between ... sites across the country. The international involvement is also very important."  
"Much better prepared to understand the decommissioning process."  
"I appreciate the wealth of information and information sources made available. I also appreciate the format of the course being continuous and rigorous in presentation - not a boondoggle."  
"Really an exceptional course; I will recommend it."  
"Nicely done - we enjoyed the course!"  
"Great training."  
"This course will help me immensely in organizing my project from A to Z."  
"Excellent case studies."  
"All instructors were extremely knowledgeable in their areas. I appreciate the experiences shared with us."  
"I appreciate the reference reading list and CDs."  
"Expertise of the presenters was evident. Thanks for sharing your stories; it really
brings the magnitude of these D&D activities into perspective - overall - excellent course!"
"Overall this was a very good course. I will be using this as a fundamentals course for new (staff) engineers."  
"For me this course was very useful because it painted a very good picture of the practical side of decommissioning and made me aware of many facets - such as the need for intense characterization of structures and surroundings, working with stakeholders and regulators from the very beginning, other pitfalls and much more."  
"The Reference CD you provided attendees was outstanding and useful!"  
"I found the course to be very relevant, interesting, motivating and a source of good contacts for future correspondence on the various topics."  
"The reference material provided with the (training) course (material) also provides a valuable tool for further exploration."  
"Just wanted to let you know we found the training very helpful and informative. We also enjoyed getting to know you and everyone else from the D&D field."  
"The materials you provided will be very useful and I hope you won't mind if we contact you with a question or two from time to time."  
"I would recommend the course to anyone else who may be interested in decommissioning."  
"Excellent - Speakers were very good - handouts will be useful to us in years to come, CDs as well - all bases were covered by this course."  
"... thank you for a very enlightening education on decommissioning."  
"Do you believe the course was worth the cost ?" "Absolutely!"  
"Great course - lots of good practical examples."  
"I really enjoyed the D&D course and thought it was a very worthwhile. Thank you for your efforts in organizing it."  
"Very much enjoyed the course."  
"Overall, training class was EXCELLENT from the accomodations to lecturers presenting the materials. Good job of tailoring class to fit all types of working environments and regulators."  
"All of the instructors were great presenters / interesting course!"  
"It was refreshing to attend training where the facilitators were so well versed on the topics. Trades foremen like myself can absorb the material greater when it is delivered by people who have actually performed the work." 2008
"The training was excellent and the information priceless." 2008
"Course was great, the guys had great knowledge (of the course material)." 2008
"Good course - well thought out and complete coverage of subject." 2008
"I was very favorably impressed by the training and the instructors; it was definitely time well spent. Thanks for doing what you do." 2008
"I enjoyed the course, learnt a lot, made some interesting contacts and would recommend the course to other colleagues. The visit to the NTS was an added bonus and to see the extent of, land remediation, decommissioning, and LLW management." 2008
"I really enjoyed the class and I think other will also." 2008
"I definitely recommend this class to Acquisition Personnel involved with the procurement and contract management of D&D projects." 2008
"Thanks for a very nice training course, it was very educational for me." 2009
"Thank you for organizing the training course for us. I personally found this event a splendid and absolutely useful occasion to learn a lot about decommissioning. Moreover, it was really beneficial to making new contacts with people who has similar problems and thoughts. This training course was the best event among those I participated in the past, so again: thank you for organizing it! " 2009
"I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the whole staff of the training (course) and the lecturers for a week of great experience of learning and sharing! " 2009 (international participant)
"It was a great experience in attending your 1-week training course! It could be one of the best training courses i had ever attended. Very well organized vis-s-vis the time, the facilities, the learning materials, etc. ! Everything was perfect! Congratulations to the whole staff for the job very well done! " 2009 (international participant)
"Thank you very much for the D&D course earlier this month in Las Vegas. …. I really appreciate the help on this subject from you and the other instructors. The significant effort put into the course and experience brought to the course by all the course staff was very evident, and made it a very valuable learning experience for me!" 2009
"Overall very well done." 2009
"Especially useful to those new to D&D." 2009
"Overall – good course – learned a lot." 2009
"Thanks once again for the opportunity to be part of the Training Course at Argonne. It was one of the best organized and managed courses I have attended. The concept of the course was brilliant and was very work related for me." 2010
"I really enjoyed the D&D course and thought it was a very worthwhile. Thank you for your efforts in organizing it." 2010
"This course was an excellent comprehensive overview of facility decommissioning." 2010
"The hotel was great - nice rooms, plenty of amenities, easy parking, but not too big or intimidating to be comfortable. Reasonable pricing, very accomodating staff -- excellent." 2010
"I would recommend this course to anyone else who may be interested in decommissioning. Excellent course. Thank you for your hard work." 2010
"This was a very good training course and all the Lectures were of very good quality." 2009
"Can I first thank you and the team for a good three days of training and knowledge transfer, the historical projects was very useful to me and I will be looking into the JANUS project in some more detail as I believe it may have relevance to where we will be going…" 2010
"I found the pictures and videos and stories to be very interesting. There was lot of information in each topic – there was almost too much information sometimes – all in a great course." 2010
"The information in the course was information that I wish I had had in 1997…(when doing an earlier project)… Very knowledgeable subject matter experts. Some excellent presentation skills displayed by speakers." 2010
"Overall this was a great course. I learned a lot about decommissioning that I will be able to apply to my current job in Waste Management." 2010
"Instructors were very knowledgeable." 2010
"The course is excellent!" 2010
"Great course... Well organized and planned." 2010
"Thanks once again for the opportunity to be part of the Training Course at Argonne. It was one of the best organized and managed courses I have attended. The concept of the course was brilliant and was very work related for me. I did gain a lot decommissioning experience that can be applied to decommissioning projects here at our site." 2010
"This is an excellent course, thanks to all your efforts." 2011
"Thanks for a very good course." 2011
"Good course overall - nice to make new contacts." 2011
"Thanks Larry; you run a class act." 2011
"Instructors were excellent - much knowledge." 2011
"Really enjoyed the case studies, pictures & JANUS video. The (supplemental reading material) information available at the side tables was very valuable and appreciated." 2011
"The mix of good presenters for this course exceeds other (courses) I’ve been a part of over the years. That includes: good presentation skills, expertise from boots on the ground experience and the ability to communicate for real knowledge transfer – you practice what you preach." 2011
"Great course." 2011
"Excellent course." 2011
"I certainly found the course very interesting, relevant and helpful… thanks again for the excellent training." 2011
"This course was well presented and informative." 2012
"Thanks — I enjoyed the whole process." 2012
"Your program is very good." 2012
"Thanks for an excellent course." 2012
"This is an interesting and unique course put together by ANL. There is a lot of information and most of all the knowledge and experiences of the USA in doing this work. Excellent source of information and the presenters are seasoned professionals in their areas. Overall, this is an excellent course and value for the money." 2012
"Course was very well organized." 2012
"Thanks for the great class!" 2012
"Very well taught….good quality instruction." 2012
"Please share with the training instructors that they did a great job! Lots of valuable information was provided and will definitely help us in future projects" 2012
"I really enjoyed the case history descriptions, videos, photos, etc…" 2012
"Thank you … for organizing and teaching the course, it’s very informative and useful" 2013
"I really appreciated the training. Well worth the trip." 2013
"The decommissioning course was so helpful for my needs (in) decommissioning (our) research labs." 2013
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