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Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities - Training Course

About the Training Course (TC)

Argonne National Laboratory is again offering its popular training course  "Facility Decommissioning" (see Course Schedule, at right). The Argonne course is considered a must for those looking to understand the full breadth / cross-section of all decommissioning processes.

A registration fee of $1,595 USD is required (see Course info for details on payment terms and conditions).  
A special reduced rate is available for qualified small businesses, some state regulatory agencies, and some academic institutions - please ask us if you might qualify.
Applicants are encouraged to register electronically.  Early registration is highly recommended due to the limited class size.  Over 2000 staff members from various organizations in over 60 countries (as of January 2022) have attended the previous offerings of this training course. In the process they have gathered a wealth of the collective experiences and lessons learned from a diverse set of lecturers for eventual use in planning for and performing their decommissioning and environmental restoration projects.

Course Content
Independently Reviewed
by a decommissioning expert
Upcoming Courses Schedule
Date Location & Related Resources
Mar. 21-24, 2022 Las Vegas, NV, USA

Mar. 21-23: classes;
Mar. 24: NNSS Tour

We intend to host these events in person. However, our plans are contingent on the federal and local COVID-19 controls and guidance in place on the date of the event. If the events are unable to take place in person, programming will shift to a virtual format. 

Fee: $1,595 USD (trainee); $100 USD (exhibitor); $1,695 USD (trainee + exhibitor).

Training Course - Related Resources

Purpose of the Course

The purpose of the course is to:

  1. provide information on the basic steps in the decommissioning process and
  2. impart lessons learned from past experiences in decommissioning.

In this manner, elements learned at this training course will assist in decision-making, planning, and implementation associated with the decommissioning of various types of nuclear facilities. Moreover, a major objective of this training course is to demonstrate the need for early and complete project planning to achieve safe and cost-effective decommissioning of research reactors and other small nuclear installations.

Facility Decommissioning Activities

Target Audience

  • Research reactor and other nuclear facility operations staff
  • Decommissioning project staff
  • Waste management staff
  • Environmental safety and health staff (health physicists, safety, industrial hygiene, etc)
  • Licensee management staff (RSO, etc)
  • State regulatory agencies staff
  • Decommissioning technology developers and providers (incl. researchers and research assistants)
  • Federal agencies staff (DOE, DoD and others)
  • Radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical research facilities/production facilities staff
  • Consulting and engineering firms (large and small firms)
  • Radioactive material users

Decommissioning Certificate Program
Are you looking for something to complement your previous work experience or your current position? Maybe you are ready to assume more responsibility on a future project? Then get the training to set you up to achieve just that - consider going with the Decommissioning Certificate Program. Decommissioning Certificate Program Details

Much of the presented material is directly relevant to decommissioning any type of facility.

The organizers of the Argonne Decommissioning Training Course have submitted the required paperwork with the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) for a determination on the awarding of CEUs for Certified Health Physicists continuing education requirements.

We are pleased to announce that Argonne's Facility Decommissioning TC has been granted a determination by the AAHP Continuing Education Panel that CHP's attending this TC will be granted 16 hours for use toward their CHP recertification. This is effective for all TCs from Jan 1, 2006 onward.

Isn't Decommissioning something that happens after we (the operators staff) are all gone?

B-25 low-level waste disposal bin was used to collect the radioactive materials

NO! Decommissioning is not something that operators can just leave for someone else to do...

Many operators and the staff at operating facilities might look at decommissioning as "something that happens at the end of a facilities lifecycle" and after they are gone. Well, yes it does, in its full implementation. But - in actuality - proper care and management of radiological facilities and nuclear facilities - and yes even for an industrial facility using radioactive material - would have the operator (or some authority responsible for it if not the operator) to be planning for the facilities eventual shutdown and decommissioning all throughout the lifecycle of the facility.

So as the facility is designed, commissioned, operated, modified and progresses through to the end of its life cycle some progress is always underway in its decommissioning. In this way, a draft plan and preps have been made ready and its just a matter of finalizing a conceptual plan, performing any final fine tuning of it and then getting the required approvals and implementing it.

No new nuclear facilities can be expected to be capable of being constructed if the existing ones are not dealt with in a cost-effective and optimized manner.

The Argonne "Facility Decommissioning" training course will also serve to facilitate decommissioning at

  • operating facilities and
  • at facilities in design

-so that they are READY for the eventual decommissioning of their facilities whenever that occurs in the end.



Members of the Argonne Decommissioning Program staff supplemented with other experts from the decommissioning technical area.

These people have been out in the actual decommissioning workplaces and understand the decommissioning process. Past instructors have included regulators and other non-Argonne technical decommissioning staff. In addition to Argonne Decommissioning Program staff, some past instructors/supporters have included:

We use only seasoned decommissioning professionals - real decommissioning 'doers' - including: management of decommissioning firms, subject matter experts, professional engineers, certified health physicists, D&D program managers, D&D project managers, staff members and technologists.

Collectively the presenters at our TC have over 100 years of practical experience.

Typically 800-1000 slides of lecture material are used by our speakers to cover all of the training topics.

Our D&D training course has been independently reviewed by an expert in the decommissioning field.

Can I get a discount on the Registration Fee?

Reduced Rate
Perhaps you qualify...

A special reduced rate is available for qualified small businesses, some state regulatory agencies, and some academic institutions - please ask us if you might qualify.

Further details on pricing are available in:
- Training Course Info
- Training Course FAQ

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