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Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities - Training Course

  Previous TC Attendees

Foreign Attendees

In addition to previous TC attendees from the US, numerous foreign attendees have included representatives from countries all over the world. A list of countries, companies and organizations is available.

"Nr. of attendees" refers to the number of attendees per country. The table can be sorted: click on the "Country" header to sort the entries by country in alphabetical order or on the "Nr. of Attendees" header to order by number of attendees. You may also decide to show the number of table rows you wish to se each time. To view all countries at once select "100".

Country Nr. of attendees Companies/Organizations
Angola 1
Argentina 14
Armenia 3
Australia 33
Austria 1
Azerbaijan 5
Bangladesh 2
Belarus 2
Belgium 4
Brazil 15
Bulgaria 9
Canada 504
Chile 2
China 12
Croatia 4
Czech Republic 8
Denmark 15
Egypt 4
Estonia 4
Europe 3
Finland 1
France 2
Georgia 3
Germany 2
Ghana 1
Greece 3
Hungary 9
Indonesia 6
Iraq 16
Israel 2
Italy 6
Japan 20
Kazakhstan 9
Kyrgyzstan 1
Latvia 9
Lithuania 19
Malaysia 10
Macedonia 1
Mexico 5
Mozambique 1
Niger 2
Nigeria 1
Pakistan 1
Peru 1
Philippines 6
Poland 9
Romania 36
Russian Federation 27
Serbia 9
Slovakia 20
Slovenia 7
South Africa 10
South Korea 206
Spain 3
Sweden 7
Taiwan 6
Tajikistan 6
Tanzania 1
Thailand 1
Turkey 1
Uganda 1
Ukraine 14
United Kingdom 26
Uzbekistan 3
Venezuela 1
Vietnam 2
Zambia 1

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National (U.S.) Attendees

Check out the list of U.S. companies and organizations which have sent their representatives to attend the Argonne Facility Decommissioning Training Courses.

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