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Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities - Training Course

Letter to your boss/supervisor

In other words:
How to convince your boss or supervisor that you need to attend the Argonne Facility Decommissioning Training Course

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Below is a sample letter that you might give to your supervisor to request approval to attend. The letter highlights the benefits of attendance, encourages you to list topics of interest for your company, and expenses you might request be covered. Just replace the content in square brackets and you are ready to go!

Dear [your supervisor’s name]:

To help provide [your company] with the most current cross-cutting knowledge on nuclear facility and site decommissioning, I would like to attend the Argonne Facility Decommissioning Training Course in [location of TC you wish to attend] from [date of TC you wish to attend] .

The Training Course provides information on the basic steps in the decommissioning process and imparts lessons learned from past experience in decommissioning. Topics covered could help us in decision-making, planning, and implementation associated with decommissioning. Early and complete project planning to achieve safe and cost-effective decommissioning is also one of the key items this course is addressing.

Please note that this is a unique opportunity to network with various subject matter experts not available otherwise. The Argonne Facility Decommissioning Training Course has been independently reviewed by an expert in the decommissioning field.
Instructors will be seasoned decommissioning professionals which during the lessons will cover a broad range of topics, of which the following are of particular relevance to the company:

[List the sessions that will provide the greatest benefit to the company. Refer to the list of topics in the Training Course Syllabus which is on the website at or in the TC Brochure]

I believe it will help me learn more about [list the content that is of most interest to the company.]

Our company will benefit from my knowledge gained in attending this Training Course, the associated materials, and other valuable resources which include references for my use in fully understanding the decommissioning process and a select reading list of other information sources. This documentation is provided free to all attendees.

If -for some reasons- I cannot attend the training course as planned, our company can send a substitute. We will need to forward the details of the replacement to the Training Course Director. If I get your approval for attending the course, it will probably be a good idea to already select a potential substitute.

[List transportation costs, registration fee, cost of meals, and the price per night of the hotel room. Registration fee and lodging costs will be posted on the TC Web site.]

Summary of Benefits for [your company]:
The session will help me to better understand the breadth of the decommissioning process and will assist me in getting through difficult to navigate process areas. This knowledge will enable me to handle [a particular project] with more professionalism and confidence, which will reflect favorably on [your company] and increase our level of expertise in the decommissioning process.


[Your name]

Training Course independently reviewed

Argonne Decommissioning Training Course

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